Sustainable Living & Mindful Eating

About Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt is an expert in the sciences of nutrition and behavioral health change. As a nutritional therapist, she specializes in weight loss, healthy weight promotion, and disordered eating. Other therapeutic specializations include grief, loss, anxiety, depression and couples counseling. She is on the faculty of Arizona State University's School of Social Work, teaching courses on Mindful Eating, Sustainability, and Stress Management.

Cover photoHow do you want to spend the rest of your life?  Whether its traveling, spending time with your loved ones, living out your passions, or even climbing Mt. Everest, what you eat and how you eat can help you get there.  It also can help the planet, too!   Sustainable Living & Mindful Eating will help you understand how to make improvements in your diet by learning how your behavior related to food and nutrition can help you gain better health and balanced weight.

You will learn about whole, fresh foods and how they promote optimal health.  You will understand how the combination of fat, sugar and salt actually distorts your diet pattern making you crave high calorie low nutrition foods.  AND, it is all by design!! You will learn how the brain pleasure centers work, how certain foods promote poor moods and certain moods promote food cravings.  You will learn about the impact your food choices have on the environment.  Most importantly you will learn the practice of Mindful Eating which offers freedom from the failure of dieting.  Through mindful practices we can make peace with our bodies and minds, and experience effortless weight management.

Join me and open the door to true nourishment.  Find out what you are truly hungry for using a sustainable way to find effortless weight control and optimized health!

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