The healing power of plants

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Lisa Schmidt is an expert in the sciences of nutrition and behavioral health change. As a nutritional therapist, she specializes in weight loss, healthy weight promotion, and disordered eating. Other therapeutic specializations include grief, loss, anxiety, depression and couples counseling. She is on the faculty of Arizona State University's School of Social Work, teaching courses on Mindful Eating, Sustainability, and Stress Management.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”–HippocratesThe Healing Power of Plants

The father of modern medicine scribed these words nearly 2,500 years ago. The words of Hippocrates have been used to communicate how a connection with nature through a relationship with food can provide health benefits far beyond any other type of “prescription”. Seen through this lens, eating is an intimate way to extract life-sustaining energy from Mother Nature. 

The primary, ongoing way that we consciously or unconsciously relate to nature is through our food. Through the act of food consumption (eating), we assimilate the forces of nature, stored in our food. This transformation of stored energy into released energy providing fuel for our bodies is magical, amazing, and powerful!

Energy passes from one animal to another as they eat plants or one another. This flow of energy from one living thing to another is called a food chain or a food web. When we think of energy exchanges in this way, we can see the interconnections we have to plants and animals, and to the energy of nature itself. When we allow ourselves to see all living beings as part of an interconnected web, we can enhance and move toward a changed view of food and the act of eating. Nourishment becomes much more than just about what you and your family eats for dinner; it is also about the ripples that result from the need to eat, our connections to the entire world, and all inhabitants. We connect as links in the enormous food chain, and our lives depend upon our love and gratitude for all other links. What we eat is linked to our awareness, and our food choices show our harmony (or disharmony) with our communities, the world, and ourselves.

Disconnection andDisharmony: Modern Ailments?

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The practice of Mindful Eating is shown in research to be an effective way to effortlessly manage weight.  Far from a diet, it is a way of self nourishment that provides real rewards.  You can view some extensive sources for information on mindful eating HERE.

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