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Migraine Relief Diet

If you have struggled with headache or migraine, you might want to learn more about the Migraine Relief Diet. Using an approach that limits dependence on pain medication (which makes headaches worse from rebound migraine), you also benefit your overall health from the advantages a whole foods, mostly plant based diet can provide.

Factors that Contribute to Migraine

Eating whole foods, mostly plants can help with headache relief!

Numerous factors can contribute to the onset of migraines and headaches. Fasting or dehydration as well as stress, hormonal changes, physical exertion, abrupt lifestyle changes, medications, environmental factors, and dietary food habits may play a role. Participation in relaxation activities (stress management) and adequate rest can be helpful in reducing occurrence and/or severity of migraines and headaches. Keeping a food journal or a migraine diary will help to determine if certain food(s) are a trigger.

The “Dirty Dozen”

Foods that cause migraines or headaches are dairy, meat, eggs, chocolate, wheat, corn, citrus fruits, apples, onions, tomatoes, nuts, and bananas.

One great resource is from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, who advocate a plant based approach to migraine relief.  Check it out here.

Would you like a FREE listing of the foods to avoid and embrace if you are eating for migraine/headache relief? Request it HERE.

Need some help with headache relief?  Contact Lisa Schmidt, THE Mindful Nutritionist, for a complimentary consultation.  Helping people with issues related to food, mood, and mindfulness, Lisa is a Scottsdale, Arizona based dietitian nutritionist and counselor specializing in lifestyle change.  She embraces whole foods plant based eating, yoga and meditation, and other stress management approaches to help with food and ease.  Lisa meets with clients in her Scottsdale office, and around the world through a telemedicine portal. Contact Lisa today for your free consultation.

Watch Your Weight, Arizona!

A new report was released yesterday by the Centers for Disease Control and it ranks the State of Arizona as the 29th “fattest” because of the percentage of residents classified as overweight or obese.  You can see me discuss the findings on Channel 12 news.

Obsessed with losing weight? READ THIS, please.

Eat as if your life depends on it - because it does

Eat as if your life depends on it – because it does!

At any given time, almost 50 percent of Americans are on a diet.  Over two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese.  We know the data – as a nation, we are alarmed when we watch the news.  We are a nation of watchers – sedentary, we overeat as we watch television and continue our preoccupation with calories.  Even McDonald’s has gotten into the nations’ obsession, and are now posting calories.  As we continue to hope for weight loss, we grab at all kinds of promises, even those proven to be untrue when it comes to food.

Yesterday at a business meeting I heard a few women discussing just how great it was to have gone on a raw vegan smoothie “cleanse”.  It wasn’t just the quick weight loss, mind you, but “I just love the way it makes me feel!”  They held up the remains of their green drinks, which looked a bit grungy, and toasted each other for their brilliance.  Later in the same meeting I observed them eating from the snack bowl a few highly processed, sugar laden “snack” bars marketed as “90 calorie or less” Smart Choices.