What My Clients Say About Me

11.05.14-Mindful-Benefits-WEB-logo2My clients let me know that my unique approach to treating eating disorders and digestive difficulties using the right prescriptions of food, stress management, and mindful eating strategies really works.  In many cases, my clients find relief after just a few sessions.

“I have been doing very well on the program—have been maintaining my weight over 110 lbs and having much less indigestion.  On the very few occasions when I strayed during the holidays, I learned quickly that  the low Fodmaps program is the way to go.  I really appreciate your help and will schedule a follow up appointment with you when I return from vacation.”

“Lisa is an excellent listener and remembers from week to week so is able to provide pertinent feedback to the individual. She is well read and versed on the subject matter.  Overall, she is a pleasure….”

 “Lisa is very effective, showing poses which were most helpful for an older student.”

 “Her knowledge of yoga and anatomy is deep and her ability to communicate instructions clearly and expertly is profound.”

“Every once in a while in this life, you meet a person who is truly memorable. Lisa Schmidt is such a person. Her personal energy, drive to succeed, and super smart point of view is infectious and motivates those around her to also succeed. Lisa has helped 100’s (if not 1,000’s) of people change their lives for the better (including me) by teaching good nutrition, good exercise, and a positive mental attitude towards life.  Lisa has my highest recommendation for anyone looking to motivate change in their business or their lives.”

“Lisa is well-prepared, enthusiastic, and interspersed her own experiences to make therapy relevant and personal.  I am amazed at Lisa’s depth of experience with both weight loss and yoga, and feel that she is worth promoting to others!”

“Lisa is like a lightening bolt of loving energy!!!”     

THE Mindful Nutritionist

Lisa is a lightening bolt of loving energy!

 “Classes provide good information about nutrition, including recipes, but also offered many techniques on tuning into one’s own body, its wants and needs.”

 “Lisa is great! Her soul is divine, and flows through her!”

“Lisa is like a lightening bolt of loving energy.”

 “Lisa is an expert at mental health and nutrition issues, and finds ways to communicate benefits clearly and with ease. A real expert.”

“Lisa has a way of getting straight to the point – but delivers it with loving kindness. Her laser focus really helped me get better fast.”

“Lisa’s greatest strengths include focus, clarity, practical smarts, and an ability to see the ‘end game’.  While having patience, she also expects people to do ‘their job’, and is quite clear in her instructions and expectations.  On top of it all, she is a delightful person….a gem to know”