Mindful Eating|Mindful Weight Loss

Mindful Nutrition means easy weight loss with whole foods eating and mindful awareness!11.05.14-Mindful-Benefits-WEB-logo3

Are you looking for a new way to feel better in your body?           

As a busy, well cared for person, you care about your appearance, but want to feel better in your body.  Things just aren’t quite right – even though you are aging well, you are having some problems with conditions that you don’t believe are connected with aging.  Maybe it’s a few too many pounds that linger, maybe it’s more than a few.  Maybe you don’t feel right in your body, have problems with your digestion and sleep, or perhaps you have GERD or another mild digestive disorder.  You’re interested in a more natural, or preventive approach, but you’re concerned about how to find the right person, since  you don’t totally understand what it is.

You’ve heard that there is a connection between food & mood, but want to know more.   You’ve had some experience or knowledge about mind-body therapies, but you’re not able to do “that kind of yoga” that bends you into a pretzel, or heats you up like a fire.  You’re curious about what yoga and mindfulness can do for you, and are interested and willing to give it a try.

Welcome to Mindful Benefits & Mindful Eating– where you  learn how to use food, mood & mindfulness as your pathway to wellness, you will experience an awakening from head to toe that will release you from the ties that bind and catapult you into a life you never imagined possible.

What happens during a mindful eating weight loss session?  Using an integrated approach that includes presenting symptoms, dietary intake, and components of your life including exercise, family support, spirituality, social justice issues, and other factors, I complete a thorough picture of you.  The most significant piece that differentiates this process from other approaches is what you eat, which is a contributor to both risks for chronic disease and mood problems.

This assessment process is comprehensive, includes food journals, as well as anthropomorphic data (height, weight, usual weight, BMI, age).  Using this data combined with my intake skills I am able to assess your current and future health risks based on your situation.

My approach is customized to meet your individual needs – mental, physical, emotional, and even body focused.  This holistic approach ensures you recover and thrive, returning to the best self you are meant to be.

Individual sessions follow this assessment, focusing on our strong working alliance between us.  Together, we zero in quickly on your presenting problems, and resolve your issues in just a few sessions.  Working as a team, you learn how to support yourself in your growth and change, without dependency on your therapist. 

It matters to me that you get better.  I am single minded in my dedication to resolving suffering in the world.  I am single minded in my dedication to resolving your suffering.  Join me on the journey to health, and find HOME in your body.