Certified Nutritionist

What is a CN?

Certified Nutritionist Lisa Schmidt at work helping clients heal

Certified Nutritionist Lisa Schmidt at work helping clients heal

 A certified nutritionist is a license recognized by the Washington State Department of Health that requires a master’s degree in nutrition from an accredited school.

Some states now protect the professional title of nutritionist through laws and regulations to protect the public from unqualified individuals who represent themselves as a certified nutritionist, nutritionist or dietitian. Some states, like Arizona, do not recognize or protect the title of nutritionist or registered dietician.  If you have graduated with a master’s degree in nutrition science from an accredited school such as Bastyr University in Washington State, there is no differentiation in the State of Arizona from other individuals who call themselves nutritionists who did not complete a degree in nutrition from such a school (or even ANY school).

Unlike Arizona, Washington State recognizes and protects the title of certified nutritionist. Lisa Schmidt completed her master’s degree from Bastyr University, an accredited naturopathic medical school, and upholds her certified nutritionist license while residing and conducting her private practice in Arizona. Go here to learn more about Bastyr University.

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