What is a yoga educator?

Join Lisa for a small group, supportive yoga class experience.  Saturday mornings 9:00AM-10:15AM at Mindful Benefits/Lisa Schmidt Counseling LLC. No yoga experience necessary, but please RSVP to ensure space for you!  Purchase drop in or class pass HERE.

There is a difference between those who call themselves yoga therapists and those who call themselves yoga educators.  As a yoga educator, I do not claim to treat any illness, cure any condition or disease, or transform any individual through my guidance.  I would argue that one cannot do this, although many will claim the term yoga therapy to imply just such a practice. Rather, I believe the best yoga educators are skilled at teaching students tools and practices they can use to support life transformation.  This is what I attempt to do as a yoga educator: include my extensive training in nutrition, wellness, mental health therapeutic counseling, personal yoga and meditation practice, clinical health psychology and principles of safe, alignment based yoga practice to support client change._DSC0825ahand

Why do I use yoga as a treatment modality?  Yoga has long been known for its ability to aid in relaxation and weight loss.  The ancient practice of yoga has its roots in a philosophical life approach; its essential tenant of AHIMSA means no self harming.  In modern applications, yoga in the west is known as a more athletic modality, with physical and mental health benefits similar to other forms of exercise.  A yoga educator teaches how to use yoga as a way to alter the habitual patterns of the mind, leading to anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. I combine the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern knowledge of nutrition and mindfulness approaches to encourage weight loss, freedom from anxiety and depression, as well as relief from other health conditions including functional gastrointestinal disorders (IBS), chronic pain, stress and insomnia.  With over 25 years as a yoga practitioner and extensive training and certification as a yoga instructor, I combine my knowledge of mental health conditions with training in yoga and mindfulness.  Anatomically based, my instruction is rooted in body knowledge, with unhelpful movement patterns identified and addressed in class.

I teach anatomical and relaxation based safe supportive yoga at Mindful Benefits in Scottsdale. I also incorporates the ancient wisdom of yoga in my private transformative work with clients.  Contact Lisa for more information about her unique, exclusive approach to change.

_DSC0701a“I believe in the power of our stories.  They express themselves through our bodies.  With rounded shoulders, the heart becomes hidden, guarded from pain.  Stooped posture, c-shaped spine slows digestion: revealing functional digestive problems like IBS.  Our bodies announce protection; strong bodies that are stable reveal limited flexibility, loss of flow.”

 “Lisa brings to the table the trifecta of any great teacher.  She is thoughtful, she is dedicated, and best of all, she is funny.”

Theresa Elliott, Director, Taj Yoga  Co-Director, Pacific Yoga Teacher Training Program

Lisa Schmidt demonstrates a variation of down dog

Raise heels – descend through both inner and outer corners of the heel evenly.